Wednesday, May 13, 2015


One of my favorite teachers/bloggers/authors Jennie Allen is coming out with a new study that starts in June called Anything. If you've read it in the past, she has added chapters, and a bible study to go along with it. My friend Rivers asked Megan and I if we would like to go through it together this summer. It's an 8 week study. At first I was excited because A. I love Jennie Allen and all that she writes B. Wanted a summer bible study to do, and C. Am excited to see those two girls on a weekly basis. However, these past few weeks I have gotten even MORE excited about this study which is why I'm sharing it on the blog. Just read a little more about this book HERE!

Her and her husband prayed "God, we will do anything". It changed their lives. Take a second to think about that prayer.... it's heavy, hard, scary, and intimidating. I told the girls I wasn't ready to pray that. But I want to get there. Last time I prayed for anything He took us to Kenya for 2 years. And considering that I don't have the desire to move back any time soon, I still have this fear that He will take me somewhere I don't want to go. And actually, it doesn't mean He will move us somewhere. It could be a new passion I pursue, or a ministry I step up to... literally anything. I completely understand that my feelings are full of fear, not trusting Him, and wanting my own selfish desires. But I just want to write all this out, because I can't wait to go back and read this post after the summer is over and after we have prayed for ANYTHING for 8 weeks. I believe that He's real, but I need to let go and TRUST Him. What if we are actually missing the best parts of our lives that God has for us because we are so consumed with what "we" want. Jennie asks, "what if we give Him the thing we most love, what if we give Him anything?" I don't know what that looks like for you, but I hope you will join in this 8 week study. If you don't have a friend or small group to go through it with, you can join the online community. There will also be weekly videos from Jennie. Will you join in on this amazing study?

Rivers, me and Megan in Napa last year :) Love them!!!

Stay tuned.