Saturday, July 16, 2016

4 Months Old!

On June 20th Winston Duke turned 4 months old! It really is crazy how fast time is flying by. It makes this mama really sad, but I'm trying to enjoy all the sweet moments I get with him. He is such a sweet boy, loves to snuggle with me, always falls asleep on me after the last feeding of the day, loves to smile and laugh, and thinks his daddy is pretty funny! At his 4 month checkup he got two shots, and also had an oral vaccine and he was NOT a fan of any of it. He cried a little and made a super sad face. He is 27.25 inches long and weighs 16.14 pounds at 4 months. He still sleeps great, usually I put him down around 8:45pm and wake him up at 7:15am to feed him before I leave for work. On the weekends he will sleep till about 8:15 which is so nice and lets me sleep in a little bit :) He still sleeps in the magic sleepsuit. He loves his nanny and is doing great developmentally. Loves to talk, and just started squealing sometimes. Anytime we put him on the changing table is when he talks and laughs the most! Some of the best videos we have of him are on the changing table lol. He's the best baby and we are having so much fun with him! This age has been the BEST!

Jessica's baby shower for Miss Paisley Sue!!

Cousin time with Amy's kids :) 

Flying back to Houston, and he did awesome on the plane!

We love bath time... 

Hank and Winston are best buds!

Hanging out at Houston Christian graduation. 

My favorite moments... 

Lunch after church!

Memorial Day weekend :)

Winston's first trip to the beach in Galveston! He loved hanging out with Edie, but was not a fan of the water. 

May 31st...the first time he rolled over!

Love that smile! My happy boy!

Dexter tries to claim the boppy :)

Sweet moments with daddy.

Those cheeks though.... :)

Winston sleeping through mommy's workout!

Father's Day weekend! My parents were in town for our niece Stella's baptism. We got lots of family time, went swimming, and had a great first Father's Day for Jerrod! We are lucky to have you babe!

Hanging out with Lila :) She's practicing holding Winston, because her little sister arrives in September!

4 months.... how did this happen so fast?!?! We love him so!