Monday, February 20, 2017

10 Months Old!!

Winston Duke turned 10 months old on December 20th! We had A LOT of 1st's this month!! Holidays with babies are sooooo much better. We have had a blast celebrating Thanksgiving, and now the Christmas season. I can't wait to create our own little family traditions each year. This month was big for us. December 20th was also the day that I gave my resignation at work to be a stay at home mom! This is a HUGE answered prayer. And that is the biggest understatement of the year. Jerrod accepted a job in Oklahoma, so we are moving at the new year! I am able to stay at home with Winston and cannot be more excited. I have loved having my career, and have enjoyed the friendships I've made and the experience I have gained, but every single week I LONGED to be at home with Winston. Lots of people don't know this but every Sunday night I would cry as I was rocking Winston to sleep because I just didn't want Monday to come, because that meant I had to leave him again. I know some people might think this is crazy, but it was/is my hearts desire to be at home with our kids. At least while they are home, before they are off to school someday. So when this opportunity presented itself, not only was it a dream job for Jerrod, it was also allowing me to have my dream job :) We are so thankful for the friends and family that have prayed for us in this long journey of Jerrod's job search. We cannot do anything except give ALL the glory and honor to Jesus Christ. He is the one that worked everything out, he heard our cry, and he answered our prayers. It wasn't in our timing, but his! Trust me, I would've wanted this 10 months ago, but God had a plan.

Back to Winston! Gosh he's so awesome and so much fun! We went to Pleasanton for Thanksgiving to be with my family. It was really fun being with my entire family since it is so rare now when we all get together. My sister hosted all of us and we had a blast, yummy food, played games, and laughed until our faces hurt.... literally. My mom made the cutest outfit for Winston for Thanksgiving and my sister monogrammed it. I'm so lucky to have those two crafty ladies in my life- saves me lots of money too :) I also got together with several highschool friends and our kids. It's fun to see them and just catch up from where we left off. Jerrod put up our Christmas lights and Winston has enjoyed seeing all of them every night. He loves to look at the lights on our tree as well. It is so fun experiencing all of his 1st's through his eyes. The wonder, the magic, the joy it brings. We invested in PBK Christmas stockings as a family and Jerrod picked the ugliest one in the catalog..... oh well. He thinks it's awesome. We had a lights in the heights party as kind of our "going away party" with some close friends. It was fun to walk around the heights and see all the pretty lights. Winston lasted for most of it, and finally passed out in the stroller. We also met Carter, Laura, Charlotte and Stella at the Houston Zoo Lights one night! Wow that was really awesome to see! I definitely recommend it if you are in the Houston area. Jerrod and I were able to go on a nice date night out without Winston to celebrate him getting a job, me quitting mine and us moving states! So much change but so much excitement to come! Winston has been so easy through all of it and is our complete joy. Jerrod always says he thinks God knew we needed an easy baby for the way this year has been. We are so thankful for his 10th month of life! We love you Winston Duke!!