Monday, November 4, 2013

iphone dump!

Here's a bunch of pics from my iPhone, several have been on instagram….

When we found out Jerrod got his job I surprised him with tickets to see one of his favorite bands, Mumford and Sons! They played in the Woodlands, it was such a fun date night!

Our two boys :)

Beautiful sunset on the way home one night...

Girls outing with Brooke! She is having a little girl in February! Can't wait to meet you Lila Reese!

I took this on one of my long runs the other day...

Kyleigh came to town! Her and I lived in Swaziland together in 2008, and we have kept in touch since. Love this girl and it was so fun reuniting after a few years!



Aggie Football!

What a season the Aggies have had this year! I've been to Aggieland for tailgates, and we also went to the game in Arkansas with Jerrod's cousins which was a blast. This weekend Jerrod and I are going to the game with friends, which is really exciting! I have taken lots of pictures from the game weekends so far, so here ya go!

My sister in law Lauren made this for our front door! I love it!

Tailgating with two best friends from college days!!!

Kenya comes to A&M! Met these girls in Kenya, and now we are all in Texas!

In Fayetteville with Gary and Marley! Such a fun weekend….

 The stadium in Arkansas

Marley and Me

Tailgating with Sarah during Alabama game

Back in CS for the Auburn game! My niece Kyleigh :)

Layton, Cooper and Kyleigh being troopers!

Sis came to town! So much fun with Amy and Lauren!

Sweet nephew Parker! He was happy all day!

Miss Molly :)

Sista sista...

Thanks and Gig'em! :)

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Our 4th Anniversary!

Jerrod and I celebrated our 4th Anniversary last week on October 3rd. It feels like we got married yesterday in some ways. And I think the fact that we spent 2 years in Kenya also makes it feel like, whoa, where did the time go?! Jerrod had beautiful flowers delivered to work a few days before. Then the day of, we exchanged gifts and he took me to Michelangelo's where he proposed. It has become "our spot" for special occasions :) I feel so blessed to be married to such an amazing man. He is my best friend, and he knows me better than anyone else and loves me so well. He challenges me to dream big and follow God with all that I am. For that I am very thankful!! I'm excited to enjoy another year together, and to see what God has for our future 60 years as he unfolds His plan for us.

Here are a few pics from our wedding day...

Here are a few pics from our 4th anniversary...

Beautiful surprise at work

New dress for dinner

At Michelangelo's :)



Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Camping Trip to the Aberdares!

February was a busy month for us with lots of visitors so Jerrod and I decided to get away for a weekend in the Aberdares. It is a beautiful national park with lots of waterfalls, animals, mountains, gorgeous views, etc. We had an awesome time just spending time together and enjoyed getting out of the hustle and bustle of Nairobi. We never saw another person the entire weekend which was awesome! Sometimes you just need a weekend like this :) We are so thankful for little trips like this.

These waterfalls reminded us of the ones in Kauai.

Our campsite the first night.

There was frost on the ground when we woke up! It was freezing.

This is just part of the road we had to drive on one afternoon, it was crazy steep! Jerrod did a great job and we ended up using 4 wheel drive a lot that weekend.

We saw quite a few water buffalo.

This was our campsite the 2nd night we were there. It was a little nerve wracking knowing you're camping in the middle of the wild but we survived!

A view of Mount Kenya.

Hands down Africa has the prettiest sunrises and sunsets I've ever seen!

A herd of zebras were running from us lol.

Our lunch spot one day overlooking Mt. Kenya!

Trying to drive to give Jerrod a break :)