Sunday, July 27, 2014

Hindes Family Time!

This summer we've had quite a few family festivities which is a nice treat. It seems like during the school year the only time we ALL get together is Christmas, so this summer has been really fun.

Heading to Pleasanton! 

The nieces and nephews dog piled on top. They won.

Hadn't had a breakfast taco in years, so decided to splurge while in Pleasanton :) Nothing better and reminds me of high school days!

I babysat Molly and Parker on Saturday so that Amy, Clifton, Lauren and Daniel could take the boys to Schlitterbahn for their birthdays! They had a blast, but we did too! Love these kiddos...

Love these 2 sweet babies...

Celebrating their birthdays on Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day Dad!!!

Then we went to Pleasanton for Parker's 1st Birthday party! Jerrod and I slept in Molly's big girl bed, she was so cute about sharing it! This was in the morning after she woke us up...ready to play!

My sister goes a little above and beyond for parties :) It was adorable!!!

Happy Birthday Parker!!!

After the party was over the guys decided it was play time in the castle/slide :) I haven't had that much fun in a long time!

This past week some of my family were vacationing on Lake Conroe, so I went up to meet them to hang out this weekend. We had a blast!

Girls on the boat :)

Soooo cute!!!

Laura with the girlies....

Carter on the tube with Layton & Cooper

The kids overtook the baby pool :)

Charlotte & Parker 

Beautiful sunset over Lake Conroe. So much to be thankful for! God is good :)



Iphone Dump--Summer 2014 pics!

I got a new iPhone in June and have been needing to put the pics on my laptop, so I finally did! This post is a lot of pictures since the beginning of June!

My bff Jessica came to Texas to visit! She even got to come to Houston for 1 night so I took her out for happy hour to celebrate her birthday!

Jerrod was a trooper putting up with us :) This sums it up pretty well, haha!

We met up with Rivers and Megan at Cottonwood, and Rivers brought the dogs!

Jessica and I headed to her river house in Gruene!

Love this girl and so glad she came to Texas!

Lunch with Carter, Laura and Charlotte in the Woodlands :)

Then a little road trip with Madison, Dusty and Seresa!

At Amy and Brian's wedding in Austin!

Dinner with Shannon and Chasidy!

Love this girl!!!

Beautiful flowers from my awesome husband, delivered to work just because :)

Jerrod picked me up from work for a surprise date, and took me to the Houston Aquarium! It was my first time and we had a lot of fun!! I want to take my nieces and nephews there next time :)

Such a fun night with my handsome man :)