Monday, August 30, 2010

A little of this and a little of that....

Well, Jerrod and I have been fairly busy lately with him back into the swing of things in school.  We've attended several Second Baptist volleyball and football games :)  I  especially love going to the volleyball games, it brings me back to my high school days, LOL.  I girl that I mentored last year is a senior now on the team so I've been going to see her play.  Saturday night we went to the Miller Outdoor Theatre in Houston.  It's basically an amphitheatre...and maybe one of my favorite things about Htown.  You bring a blanket to sit on, a beverage and enjoy the show!  And did I mention it's FREE!!!  We went to see the Chinese Acrobats which was awesome, packed, hot, but a great date night!!  We stuffed ourselves with burgers and shakes before hand at Prince's Burgers.  It was so much fun!  Here is a picture from that night.

On my previous post I mentioned that I began reading "Same Kind of Different As Me"....well I FINISHED it already!  Which is really impressive for me to read a book in a little over a week :)  It is now one of my top 3 all time favorite books.  I HIGHLY recommend you to read it.  It's an amazing story, message, and has made me realize I really need to be grateful for every day that I wake up!  Seriously, go buy it now!!!

Also in my last post I mentioned that Jerrod and I are praying about serving the Youth Group at Houston's First Baptist.  Well, we went last Wednesday night and Sunday morning and LOVED it!  Wednesday night as I was worshipping I felt complete peace about serving there....I know that's exactly what God has for me right now.  The other crazy part is that we are serving Middle Schoolers grades 6th, 7th and 8th.  Okay, this is such an awkward time in a preteen's life, but I LOVE them!  I thought I wanted to do high school, but after being there I'd much rather serve in middle school.  They were so welcoming, loving, open, talkative, etc.  It was awesome!  I've already started building relationships with a few 7th grade girls.  So anyway, Jerrod and I are meeting with the middle school youth pastor Wednesday night to discuss our passion, vision, heart, etc for this ministry.  I'm so excited for Wednesday to get here and to see how God will use us!  Please be praying for us in this!

Lastly, we heard from Billy and Darlene this weekend.  They are the missionaries that we will be going over to Africa with.  They sent out their newsletters/support letters last week because they are leaving in January.  So far they've had a great response and are very optimistic!  While we are in South Africa for 6 months we will need around $2,000 to $2,500/month for our living expenses for the two of us.  This includes food, housing, ministry supplies, etc. and the big chunk of it is health insurance!  So this is about $15,000 for 6 months.  We are still trying to figure out how much we will need in Kenya, since cost of living is different there.  So, we have plenty of time to raise support, save our own money, plan fundraisers, etc.  We will probably send out support letters in January but please be prayerful in this because we not only will need one time gifts, but also monthly supporters.  We are already trying to brainstorm fundraising ideas so if you have any, please comment on this post or send me a facebook message!  Ideas are greatly appreciated!  Someone asked me how they can be praying so I'm going to start putting prayer requests periodically.

Prayer Requests:

-Billy & Darlene Honc as they raise financial support
-that the Lord will use us with the middle schoolers (Hub Ministry)
-constant protection from satan (we know he is trying to attack us individually and as a couple as we prepare for the mission field)
-sweet time with Jesus every day!

I'll keep you updated but I guess that's all for now....


  1. Hey pooper! So - my roommate (lydia - went to Thailand); she had a big fundraising bbq. You can either charge people $10-15 for all you can eat bbq, or just have them donate a desired amount in exchange for food. I think she was able to raise a good chunk of money doing that - you guys know a ton of people, so ya'll would have a great turnout I am sure.

    I am totally going to buy that cd soon. I need some new music.

    Love you! I'll be praying for this trip + you and Jerrod + what we talked about today. rar

  2. Oh - weird, I came up as bluewater vacation homes. This is Jessica H. Weiiirrddddd - that was an old client of mine. oh well - you know its me.