Thursday, February 3, 2011

Houston Half Marathon!

On Sunday I ran the Houston Half Marathon and boy was it brutal!  It rained, then poured, then rained some more, the ENTIRE race :(  Definitely the most miserable race I've done....BUT it was awesome because I had several friends run in it, and I saw about 10 different friends along the course cheering me on :)  So that made it fun and worth it.  It definitely wasn't my personal record time, but I'll blame that on the weather conditions.  I'm still deciding if I'll do another one before we move in July.  Maybe the Kenyans can teach me how it's done while we are there, lol.  I'd like to do another full marathon, but it takes over your life for about 4 months, and I'm not sure if I'm ready for that right now....I'll keep ya posted.  I need to add that Amy, Layton and my mom came in town and stayed with us from Thursday to Sunday and we had so much fun but I didn't take one single pic :(  We went to the zoo, shopping, restaurants, Jerrod's basketball game, the marathon, etc.  It was so much fun and I really appreciate them making the drive with a one and a half year old!!!  Here are some pics from race day!!

Sarah, me, and Brad at the starting line....

Blurry, but the only action shot :)  This was around mile 12.5!

So glad it's over!!! lol

My biggest fan!

And my other biggest fan!!

Happy trails...

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