Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend Getaway!!

Jerrod and I were able to get out of Nairobi for the weekend and head to Hell's Gate National Park!  It's in the Rift Valley, near Lake Naivasha and Mount Longonot.  This is a very popular weekend trip for Nairobi residents because it is only about an hour and a half drive.  We packed up Friday afternoon and stayed till Sunday.  We camped there in the park which was really fun because there are animals everywhere.  No predators... just zebra, antelope, water buffalo, giraffes, wart hogs, and 400 species of birds.  I've never been into bird watching but this was the place for it.  We heard the most unique noises and sounds at night and in the mornings.  On Saturday we rented mountain bikes and rode around the park.  It's one of the only national parks in Kenya that you can bike/hike through.  We saw the famous gorge from the movie Tomb Raider and explored the park the rest of the day.  It was so nice to spend time together and in nature.  Kenya has so much beauty and things to offer as far as the outdoors are concerned.  We will definitely make this trip again!  Enjoy the pictures from our weekend...

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