Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Catching Up Part II

Here is my second part of playing catch up. The first few pictures were taken at the basketball banquet after the season was over in February. Jerrod's freshmen team did awesome, and only lost one game. He had a great group of guys! Jerrod gives his heart and soul during basketball season, and I couldn't be more proud of him. But, I was definitely excited to get him back in the evenings and weekends :)

This was at my birthday dinner in January with some best friends! (husbands were there but not pictured :)

Visiting Chasidy in Oklahoma City one weekend. We did a little wine tasting in brick town. Love this girl!!!

A night out in Houston for Megan's birthday! I had my makeup done at MAC before, it doesn't normally look that good. I love getting my makeup done by MAC!!

At the Houston Rodeo BBQ Cookoff with Melissa, one of my good friends at work. Houston Rodeo is always a fun season!

I also ran the Rodeo 10K that weekend!

We went on a date one night to see Eli Young Band play at the Rodeo.... gotta have a turkey leg!

Love him!!!

My parents came to Houston one weekend in March so we all got together at my brother's house for a little family time. Love my family!

Kyleigh came to Houston to visit her sister, but we also got to see her a good bit too! We ate a birthday brunch for her bday in Montrose at Gratifi! Yummy! (Kyleigh and I survived lived together in Swaziland, Africa back in 2008... love this girl!)

And just for fun, this is a GREAT book I recommend by Melanie Shankle who has the Big Mama blog. She's hilarious, and no matter how long you've been married I think you'll appreciate this book, a good laugh, and some insight because you aren't the only one who feel/thinks that in marriage. :) Just read it, trust me!



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