Wednesday, August 17, 2016

5 Months Old!

On July 20th, Winston Duke turned 5 months old! How in the world has he been in our life for 5 months! It really does fly by. We are having a BLAST with him. Everyday he is growing, changing and learning new things. It is SO fun being his mommy and daddy. He is making the funniest noises and "talks" to us a lot. He loves to jump in the jumper and is learning how to play with all the toys attached to it. He rolls over both ways and does it more frequently now. He had another cold this month and gave it to me, which turned into an ear infection for me. That was no fun, but we snuggled a lot and got through it! Everything goes in his mouth now, and he is constantly eating his hands, and drooling a ton. He is still on the same schedule eating 5 times a day, then sleeping from 9pm-7am. He is also wearing 9 month clothing, size 2 shoe, and size 3 in diapers. Here are a lot of pictures of his 5th month of life (June 20-July 20th). Enjoy!

Hanging out with his friend Lila :) 

Running the trails with mommy.

Hey there blue eyes :) It makes me SO happy that he got daddy's eyes!

One Friday afternoon in our backyard. Love these sweet moments...

Jerrod and I took Winston to see his first movie, Finding Dory. He loved the little short film at the beginning and literally laughed out loud at the birds. It was hilarious! Then about 30 minutes into the movie he fell asleep :) We loved the movie though!

I love that he will still sleep like this on me. 

His legs are so long!! He grew out of the bouncer a long time ago but we still use it. Haha! Soon his feet will touch the ground lol.

For July 4th weekend we went to Pleasanton, and Jerrod went backpacking in Utopia. So we had some special family time. Here is Winston Duke with his great Grandma Hindes.

I also hung out with Jodie and Alexi while in town and got to meet sweet Lincoln, and Jodie brought Jake too. Here are our littles :) 

Visiting his Great Grandma Hill. She is making him laugh here, and I love it!

Nana loves Winston, and we think she's pretty great too :) Patriotic outfit for his first July 4th!

I walked into the kitchen for a second and came back and saw Winston like this. He was being too lazy to roll over and was basically doing a back bend. 

This was when we were both sick with colds and I had an ear infection. Snuggles are the only cure!

My happy boy!

He loves to watch the aquarium in his crib.

Sitting like a big boy in his bumbo!

One weekend we went to Miller Outdoor Theatre to see a musical and it was so much fun! Winston loved the music!

Such a fun night!

On our way to church! This was his cousin Layton's outfit :) 

5 Months Old..... Takes a while to get a few good pictures now. He's all over the place.



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