Thursday, June 30, 2011

God always provides!

We give God all the glory!  This week we had a family email us to let us know that they would like to pay for the clothes to be shipped to Kenya for the orphanage!!!!  We are so excited!  We can't wait to see the excitement on the kids faces to get those new clothes, uniforms, warmups, etc.  Thank you for those who are praying for us and this ministry.  It is so evident that God wants this for us.  A special thanks to the family donating this, I pray that yall will be blessed because of your faithfulness to His work!!!

On another note, Jerrod and I are getting used to being homeless :)  We stayed with my friend Lauren last week in Friendswood.  This week we have been staying at Carter & Laura's in the Woodlands.  We are so greatful for everyone's hospitality.  It's been fun getting to spend quality time with friends and family.  We are heading to Pleasanton Tuesday to stay with my parents for two weeks.  My best friend Jessica will be visiting from San Diego, I am so excited to spend time with her.  That's all for now, I'll blog more later.

I've had several blogs lately with no pictures which gets boring so here are a few.

Me, Rivers, and Lauren had girls night one night when we were staying at Lauren's :)

Just because I miss him and I love this picture of him....

Our wonderful hosts this week, Carter and Laura. :)  This pic is from an Aggie football game last fall.


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