Monday, September 8, 2014

Europe Part V

Welcome to Positano, the cutest beach town and most beautiful scenery of the trip! We loved it!!!!
We took a ferry from Capri to Positano, and the views of the coast were amazing. Parts of it reminded me of the Napali Coast line in Kauai meets Cape Town. :) As we were arriving to the dock you are literally looking at the entire town on the side of this cliff. The day we arrived it was really cloudy as you can see from the pictures. Our days here were filled with lounging on the beach, reading, and eating. Perfect to me! We wanted to go hiking one morning but we didn't have a good map, and I didn't want to get lost so we didn't go. Maybe next time... we hope there is a next time! Enjoy the pics...

How cool is that?!

The beautiful flowers were everywhere.... I was in love.

We grabbed our backpacks and walked (uphill) to our B&B. There are no cars in this area, it's all winding sidewalks up the cliff.

And we arrived to our B&B. This place is a hidden GEM! This is our terrace, it was huge! The views were awesome! Ocean, town and mountains. We could see it all. I found our B&B on tripadvisor and it did NOT disappoint. The Italian family who ran it made us feel like family! All of the business owners in this town were so nice and friendly.

Look at that old church! It's still operating today.

More views from the terrace.

This was an open air clothing boutique that was right next door.

Sunset the first night...

Going to dinner one night. 

The beautiful beaches!

On the terrace after an afternoon at the beach :)

At our last dinner in Italy... we were sad to be leaving!

Street dance performance... views from dinner! It made our night.

Shrimp and ravioli...mmmm....

Some of these are out of order but I took these during our day at the beach!

The water was a beautiful turquoise.

The famous umbrellas :)

I'm so glad we have all of these pictures to reminisce our wonderful adventure! We had a blast, and I hope one day we can go back. Very thankful for this awesome time together!

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  1. I want to go there!!! These are beautiful looks like so much fun!