Monday, October 4, 2010

Givin' a shout out....

To my best friend in the whole wide world, Jessica, who got ENGAGED  on Thursday night!!!!  We are so very excited for them!!!  The wedding is going to be in San Diego (yay for vacay!) at a date unknown yet...but I'll keep yall posted.  AND, I am HONORED to be the maid of honor :)  We've been best friends since we met at dance class at age 3.  Seriously, could not be more excited for her!!!!  After he popped the question she called me afterwards and I couldn't even sleep that night because I felt like I got engaged all over again.  She seriously is my other half and I love her so much!  Here is a pic of us with our men in LA over Spring Break....

Here is a pic of us and I have no idea what we are doing....typical, just ask our parents :)

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  1. You are SO Sweet. LOVE IT! I can't WAIT for you to be my maid of honor. :) So stoked. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (ps - I think I come up as bluewater vacation homes.) Sorry. Its Jess