Sunday, October 24, 2010

Gig'em Aggies!!!!

One of the gifts Jerrod got me for our anniversary was 2 amazing tickets for us to go to the A&M vs Mizzou game, and he bought me a new jersey and a shirt for himself for the game :)  I forgot to post these pics last week so here ya go!  It ended up being a terrible game, but hey... at least we won against Kansas this weekend!!!

Tailgating with Carter and Laura!
 So happy to go to our first game together!!!
 Gig'em Jerrod :)
 Kyle Field!! WHOOP!
 He looks good in an A&M shirt.  I tried to find a maroon one but Academy was completely sold out in Houston.
 Home of the 12th Man!
 Fightin' Tx Aggie Band!!!
 Fightin' Tx Aggie "Block T"
 My amazing husband :)
 So happy to be there, yet so sad college has been over for 3 years! :(
 After the game....
Have a fabulous week!!!!


  1. have a BLOG!!! Since I'm no longer a facebook user, I'm excited to know I can keep up with ya' here :) Hope you guys have a great week! Ya'll make a very cute couple...Aggie attire and all!

    Love in Christ,
    Whitney and the gang

  2. Yes! We just started it a few months ago. :) I love keep up with yours as well! You have a GORGEOUS family Whit!