Thursday, December 16, 2010

Going to the chapel...

and they're, gonna get married :)  That's right, Jessica and her husband tied the knot this weekend in Solana Beach, California at a country club there.  It was BEAUTIFUL!!!!  I wish I had pics of the ceremony to show you but I was preoccupied :)  As many of you know, Jessica has been my life long friend and I was so honored to be a part of her big day!  Unfortunately, Jerrod wasn't able to go with me because he had a basketball tournament :(  So...I flew to San Diego on Wednesday and we hung out at their house on Coronado Island (gorgeous!!!), drank wine, dyed her and his mom's hair, ate some pizza, ya know what everyone does the Wednesday before the wedding LOL.  We had so much fun spending time together.  Here are some pics from that night....

Flying in to California...

 Jess and I playing the xbox :)

Jessica, Debbie, and I

His mom getting her hair done :)
 Jessica's mom's turn...

Thursday morning Jess and I woke up and went for a run on the beach in Coronado and it was awesome.  I wish I had somewhere beautiful like that to run!  Houston streets gets old :)  We ran some errands and then had the bachelorette party that night!  I got us a hotel room in Little Italy (a part of downtown) and we had a lingerie shower, then went to The Shout House which is a very well known piano bar.  It was so much fun and Jessica had a great time!!

The view of the bay from our room in Little Italy :)

Girls night out!!!  Woohoo!!!

The piano player embarrassing her :)

Friday we woke up and Jessica and all the bridesmaids went to get pedi's and mani's :)  Then we went to the resort in Solana beach where we were staying for the rest of the weekend!  We had the rehearsal, dinner, then hung out in our room.  Jess and I could barely other half was getting married, it felt like a part of me was too haha.

Us with Big Steve :)
 Awwww lol

Motherly love haha, I think they like each other!

Groom and I....who knows!!

Jess and Garrett :)

Then we had the WEDDING DAY!!!!  It was so much fun and stress free which was a plus.  Everything came together perfectly and Jessica couldn't of had better weather.  The wedding was on the golf course and it was sunny and 76!  Love it!!  She was stunning and made the most beautiful bride.  Here are some pics of their special day :)

The beautiful flowers...

Deborah, me and the way I LOVE our bridesmaids dresses!!!  Will totally wear it to a holiday party! :)


Love it!  Jess you are gorgeous!!!

Father/Daughter dance :)


Instead of a wedding cake they had gingerbread men!  It was so cute.  They also had a dessert bar with tons of other goodies.  Such a cute idea for a Christmas wedding :)

Have fun in Kauai you two love birds!!!!

The day after the wedding I was able to go to the BEACH cause it was 80 outside...yesssss my kind of weather!!!

This was at the resort we stayed at in Solana beach...beautiful!!

La Jolla :)

Aren't they the cutest creatures ever?!!?

Coronado beach, just a few blocks from Jessica's new house!!

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