Monday, December 6, 2010

I'm Thankful...

We have so much to be thankful for!  I know, I'm a little behind but I had to put my Thanksgiving pics up! Jerrod and I went to Pleasanton for the weekend (Wed-Sat) and my entire family was all together.  It was so much fun and a little chaotic with all the kiddos and dogs at my parents house :)  Chasidy, my friend from A&M also invited us to go to the Spurs VS Mavs game on that Friday night.  Our seats were on the 8th row, so Jerrod was in HEAVEN!!!  Then we met up with Carter and Laura on the Riverwalk.  We had so much fun and are so thankful for an amazing family that loves the Lord.  I'm also thankful for a wonderful husband, who leads me daily and makes me a better person.  God is so good!  It was a little weird this year though because Jerrod and I kept thinking, "next year for Thanksgiving we'll be in South Africa".  We agreed that we will have to have our own little celebration while we are gone :)  Here are some pictures from the weekend in Pleasanton.

Taking the boys on a ride...
 Niece Kyleigh :)

Grandma Hindes and Joe were able to be with us this year for Thanksgiving!  It was so special!

Kyleigh and Lauren :)  They look so much alike!!!

At the Spurs game with Chasidy!!!

On the Riverwalk with Carter and Laura!

 Saying our byes :(
 Cooper loves his tia :)

Proud Nana and Papa with all their grandkids!!

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