Sunday, March 20, 2011

Houston Rodeo 2011

It's that time again in Houston, RODEO time!!!  I love it!  I love everything about the rodeo.  I love the ferris wheel, turkey legs, chicken fried bacon, funnel cakes, fried oreos, country music, muttin bustin, bullriding, etc. :)  I was able to go to the kickoff BBQ this year, and 3 performances!  Here are some pictures from all the rodeo adventures...

Girls night to see Clay Walker!  He'll always be one of my favs!  This is me, Lauren, Ana, and April.

Lauren :) I'm going to miss this girl when I'm gone!!!

Clay Walker!!! :)

Then another night I took my good friend from A&M Brooke, and my brother Carter and his wife Laura to see Keith Urban.  He is definitely a new fav that's for sure, it was a great show!

Carter and Laura :)


Then, Jerrod and I had a date night at the rodeo to see Lady Antebellum!  They were awesome and let me just say, Jerrod and I ate just about everything in sight.  This is me with my huge turkey leg :)

Love this man!
 Lady Antebellum
 Beautiful harmonies...

I'm kind of sad we wont be here next year for the Houston Rodeo, but we made great memories this year!!!

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