Sunday, March 27, 2011

Nice Long Weekend

This weekend was pretty lazy and uneventful for the most part but it was much needed!  First off, my sister Amy came to Houston for work last week which was a huge treat!  Her and I work for the same company, just different cities so she was finally in the Houston office doing some auditing :)  Wednesday night we celebrated her birthday at Pappasitos with Jerrod, Carter, Laura, Amy and I.  I didn't take any pics but hopefully she will post some soon on her blog!  Then Amy and I got to have some girl time and we talked till almost midnight!  Then I met her for lunch on Thursday so it was nice being able to see her!  I really wish we lived closer, that's for sure.

I had off Thursday-Sunday which was awesome.  I did lots of baking/cooking this weekend!  Jerrod's dad stayed the night with us on Thursday so I cooked a big dinner, then on Friday I made a little day trip to College Station to see Cooper, Kyleigh and Lauren!  It was so much fun to play with the kids, they are growing up so fast!  Lauren, thanks for letting me come over and play :)  I had fun talking with you and playing with the kiddos!!!  The rest of the weekend Jerrod and I were house sitting and just spending time together :)  We also watched lots of basketball for March Madness of course!  My bracket is destroyed though... who picked VCU or Butler for the final four?!?!  lol anyway, here are some pics from my trip to College Station :)

Cooper in his "fedex truck" haha  He's so cute!

He likes to mow the grass just like daddy!

Precious niece Kyleigh, she's the best baby ever!

Kyleigh with her aunt Amanda

Cooper and I - he knows me by "Amanda's red car" LOL

Have a great week!  Give God the GLORY!!!!

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