Saturday, April 23, 2016

1 Month Old...lots of pics!

Winston Duke was one month old on March 20th. That weekend my BFF Jessica came to visit and meet our little man. She is also pregnant with a little girl due in July, and I cannot wait to share this motherhood journey with her! Here is a recap of his first month of life :)

When Jerrod and I got home from the hospital we were on our own. Jerrod had a week off from work so that was really nice to get home, and have a solid week together as a new family of 3 (plus the pups). Anyway, I must say Jerrod was a huge help! He jumped right in and has been an awesome, hands on, helpful and fun daddy since he laid eyes on Winston! Here are a few pics from Week 1.

Heading to our first doctor's appointment! He was 3 days old here...

Beautiful flowers from my sister that she brought to the hospital.

First outing by myself with Winston was of course to Starbucks drive thru! I just needed out of the house :)

My world...

My awesome sister had Tiff's Treats chocolate chip cookies delivered to our house!

The second week of Winston's life Jerrod went back to work so my mom came to visit and help me out while he was at work. It was such a fun week spending time with my mom, and she is the BEST Nana. She let me take lots of naps, relax and not worry about cooking or laundry or anything around the house. It was awesome! She is also so encouraging and helped me a ton with nursing and just the normal 2 week old baby stuff. Thanks for coming Nana!!! We also had visitors and meals brought from so many! Just to name a few: Jerrod's parents, Memom, Dusty, Seresa and their kids, along with Carter and Daniel and their crews. Also several friends came by the house but unfortunately I don't have pics of everyone that came. I was doing good to remember to brush my teeth :) We appreciated every single text, call, visit, and meal!!!!

First smile on camera, however I don't think he knew he was smiling!

Leaving for our 2 week checkup with my mom.  Winston is 10 days old here :) 

After the appointment my mom and I splurged on some Fuddruckers burgers and shakes!

 Dexter likes to sit at my feet when we are in the rocker. Too cute!

His cousin Charlotte thought he was pretty cool. 

Kyleigh also LOVED holding him, but I can't find a pic. Lauren has some competition now!

The way he holds his giraffe is adorable. That's all :)

The third week I was on my own! Nobody was there to help me, but I was ready to learn how to manage my new normal without help. So the first day by myself I went grocery shopping...naturally. Ha! 

Jerrod also surprised me with the sweetest card and beautiful flowers delivered to the house. Such a sweet surprise!

I love baby wearing!

His favorite way to sleep since day one is on my chest. I know it wont last forever so I cherish it everyday that he still wants to. :) 

The day that he turned 3 weeks old we took him to a wedding! Our good friends that we met while living in Kenya were getting married, so we planned all along to go. It was our first road trip to Pleasanton as well, so that my grandma's could meet Winston. We had an eventful weekend but I am so glad we made the trip!

The beautiful bride Daley!

My bff from Kenya/Georgia, Michelle! Side note: Can I just say that I am loving the new style of sparkly bridesmaids dresses?! I wish these would've been in style 7 years ago!

Carpenter Party of 3 :) 

Baby bow ties are the best.

This girl is not only gorgeous, but also has a heart of gold. Literally she is always full of joy, compassion, and is a light to everyone she meets.

Anita and Lexi- also Kenya reunion :) So glad I was able to reconnect with so many friends from Kenya!

 The Powell's!! We couldn't be happier for you guys! Can't wait to go on a double date next time we are in the San Antonio area. 

Winston Duke thought the glow sticks were pretty awesome. 

Favorite pic of all time. You can't help but smile.

Grandma Hill meeting her great grandson!

Grandma Hindes meeting her great grandson!

Last but not least, crazy Auntie Jess came to visit us!!! It was such a treat having her with us for a few days! She is expecting in July, so we also got to work on her registry and she got to experience everything first hand with me. I can't wait to pay her a visit to San Diego once Paisley Sue arrives!!

The night before Jessica came we had a family date night to our favorite Tex-Mex place, Cyclone Anaya's. Mama had her first margarita :) 

He's a thumb sucker! Not all the time, but when he sleeps sometimes. 

Auntie Jess!!!! 

Brunch at a neighborhood fav...

Brunch after church with Jerrod and Jess... Winston not pictured :)

He thinks she's pretty funny!

His Gigi (Jerrod's mom) gave him that cute beanie! Raising him right.

And I'll leave you with this. Spoiled rotten. 

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