Monday, November 8, 2010

Middle School Fall Retreat...Woowoo!!!

A few weeks ago I asked you all to pray for the upcoming Middle School Fall Retreat that Jerrod and I were leaders on!  Well.... we survived!!!  Actually, it was fun, amazing, incredible, tiring, hilarious, etc.  We had such an amazing time getting to know the students.  I had a small group of 6th grade girls and Jerrod had a small group of 6th grade boys :)  We had over 100 kids there!  Jerrod and I both had kids in our small groups get SAVED!!!!  Hallelujah!!!  It was such a sweet time to share that with them and walk them through it.  Their names are Sammy and Austen if you would like to pray for their new walks in Christ.  Here are some pictures from the weekend in Livingston, TX at Lake Tomahawk Camp.

Beautiful campgrounds!!!

3 of my girls, Gigi, Olivia and Faith :)

I took some kids on a hike around the lake so this was our pit stop.

In the chapel before worship!

My small group, plus Divine in the front :)  He loves the

This is Austen, he was Jerrod's shadow for the weekend.  Love this kid!

Jerrod playing minute to win it in the leader game!  Yes, those are panty hose on his arms :)

And this is me in the blue.  I had to stick my nose in a bowl of vaseline and transport cotton balls from one bowl to the other, only using my nose! haha

Lovely!  I had vaseline EVERYWHERE!

 Another game, trying to fish something out of the fish bowl with a gummy worm (that I sucked on) as my bait.

Thanks for your prayers!  We love working with these students and God is really working in their lives!  Keep praying for them :)

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