Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Big Apple

I couldn't be more excited because Jerrod and I are leaving tomorrow morning for NYC!!!  Jerrod and I decided that we wouldn't do birthday gifts this year (Jerrod's is 12/29 and mine is 1/23) and instead take our last little getaway for a very long time because we know we wont be traveling once we are full time missionaries!!  It's my first time EVER, and Jerrod's second time to go.  Today I'm going to run some errands and buy a hat, gloves, scarves, etc. because the highs are around 20 degrees right now and it will probably be snowing when we fly in.  I'll definitely post pictures next week when we get back!  We are also getting to stay with one of my good friends Joanna Johnson who moved there in October from Houston.  I can't wait to see her new life in the big city :)  Have a great weekend!!!

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