Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Festivities!

Jerrod had off for two weeks over the Christmas holidays and I had a week off so it was nice getting to spend lots of time together.  We had Christmas with my family on Dec. 23rd in College Station at Daniel and Lauren's new home!  It's so beautiful and I am so happy for them :)  It was great to all be together, and especially fun getting to see my nephews and niece!  I miss them so much!  Here are a few pics from our Christmas together.

Sister :)

Mom and Sis :)

Lauren and Kyleigh....they look exactly alike!

Lauren's beautiful tree :)

Nephews Layton and Cooper in their matching pj's for Christmas! lol

Brother Daniel with his kids :)

That night my parents drove back to Houston with us and spent the night at our place.  Jerrod and I had our little Christmas together on Christmas Eve.  Then we had lunch at Fuddrucker's with my parents and all drove down to Pearland to Carter and Laura's house.  We all went to the Christmas Eve service at their church and hung out afterwards.  THEN, Jerrod and I came back to our apartment, packed, loaded up the car and left for Utopia around's a 4 hour drive if you don't stop :)  So we arrived to Utopia that night around 2am so that we could wake up on Christmas morning to be with him family.  We stayed there till Monday and we had so much fun!

Dexter with his new Candy Cane toy
  Some of Jerrod's gifts from me...

I think the xbox Kinect was by far his favorite!!!  We have had so much fun playing it!

Jerrod's parents house in Utopia :)

Memom playing Santa lol

Jerrod's mom opening her gifts

Us on Christmas day :)

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