Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy 27th Birthday Jerrod!!!

Jerrod turned 27 last Wednesday but I'm just now posting this :) oops!  Anyway, on Tuesday night several of his friends came over to play the xbox kinect so I thought I'd surprise him with a cake and balloons while his friends were there.  It was totally last you can see in the pics I had just finished running lol.

Lighting the candles in the parking garage :)

He was surprised :)

German chocolate = his favorite!

Happy Birthday babe!!
At the Houston Zoo they just opened up this huge new park called African Safari and we've been dying to go.  So...I planned on taking him to the new African Safari, then to his favorite Asian restaurant.  Well, it rained over an inch that day so there was no way we were going. :(  I was so bummed but promised him we'll do it next weekend.  So instead we opted for Pappasitos fajita night ($16.95 for two) which is becoming pretty regular for us LOL.  I'll let ya know how the new zoo exhibit is!!!

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