Monday, November 8, 2010

Halloween 2010!

We were........... a 1950's house wife and the milk man! :)

We went to a friend's house warming/Halloween party, then met up with my brother and his wife.  It was a really fun night and very humorous to people watch of course!! :)

Carter and Laura went as Dwight and Angela from The Office :)
The Stepford Wives pose :) hahaha
 Jerrod and his friend Richard Simmons :) aka Brian

On Halloween, Carter and Laura took me out on their new boat wakeboarding!  We went to Taylor Lake in Clear Lake.  It was really fun and they have such a nice boat.  We wakeboarded, drove around the lake for a while, and just enjoyed being out on the water.  Then we had dinner at Cheddar's on the way favorite!!!!  It was a great weekend!

Carter and Laura in their new boat!

Big Bro :)

 Some amazing houses on that lake!

My awesome sister in law Laura :)

Just a shout out to my sister Amy for making Layton's Thomas the Train costume/train!  They did such a great job and Layton LOVED the choo choo!!!

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