Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sis comes to visit!!!!

That's right, Amy and Layton made the trip to Houston to visit us a few weeks ago!  I had off of work on Thursday and Friday so Amy came up Wednesday night till Saturday!  It was so much fun and we had a weekend FULL of events.  Their first full day Amy and I decided to go shopping, for ourselves and for Christmas gifts.  By the way, I'm about 90% done with Christmas shopping :)  I'm pretty sure we wore Mr. Layton out!  He was exhausted by the end of the day but was such a good shopper.  Amy has trained him well!  Thursday night we went to the Grand Luxe for dinner with Carter, Laura, Jerrod, myself, Amy and Layton.  We taught Layton how to say Luxe so he kept repeating it all night :)  So cute!  Friday morning we got things ready for the wine party I had mentioned in the previous post.  Then Amy and I went to the galleria to get our makeup done for the evening :)  We also took Layton on the train that goes around Hermann Park.  He loved it.  He actually cried when we had to get off.  He kept saying "choo choo, choo choo", and "I ride choo choo" LOL.  Friday night was the wine party and we stayed up till 4am talking and having some wine.  I haven't done that since college!  Saturday morning they packed up, and we took Layton to the park before the drive home.  I cried when I had to tell them bye.  All I kept thinking about was missing a year of their lives (all of our families lives really) while we are in Africa.  It's so hard to think about but we both know it's where God is calling us. :(  As for now we can just ENJOY these next 7 months with our families.  Here are lots of pictures from the awesome weekend!!!

Bubble time! (that's what he calls it :)  He LOVES bubble time!

Dexter pouting because a baby is around and he doesn't get the attention.  Uh oh!

So cute and clean :)

Layton trying on Jerrod's basketball shoes :)  Size 15....

He walked in them!

This is from the day we went shopping....

Getting ready to go eat at the Grand Luxe.

Waiting for our table.  He loved the "remote" :)

Look at that face!!!

Laura, Amy, Layton and I at the Grand Luxe.

Waiting for the train at Hermann Park.

It's here! haha

He was too busy looking at the train so he couldn't look at the camera :)

 Fountains at Hermann Park.  This is one of the things I love in Houston.

Mama and her boy :)

CAUGHT!!!!  In the action....

 At the park right before they had to leave. :(

Thanks for coming to visit!!!  I hope yall can come again in January :)

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